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Comparing EPS and XPS Insulation

Eps Contour Siding Backer

Expanded Polystyrene Foam insulation can be engineered and cut to meet the needs of every new and remodeling siding project EPS Contour Siding Backer’s compressive and flexural strengths provide a resilient and stable backing to the new siding, creating a solid feel to the sided wall. EPS Contour Siding Backer is easy to use. quick to install and will provide immediate an long-term benefits to your project inducing R-value.
EPS Contour Siding Backer is environmental friendly and fully recyclable This product is constructed from inert organic materials and contains no CFC’s, HFC’s, HCFC’s, Dyes or Formaldehyde EPS Foam Insulation offers the Best Insulating Value Per Dollar than any material available today. You can pay more for other insulation products, but why?

Custom manufactured to match the contour profile of ALL major siding configurations Comer posts and starter strips are also available.

EPS Contour Siding Backer offers the best long-term R-Value (3 85/in at 75° F) of ALL rigid insulations on the market today, even In the harshest climate.

Eliminates air infiltration at the exterior walls Also eliminates
“Fish Mouthing’ or Wavy Walls” the exterior Siding will look like it is freshly painted and gives you a maintenance free exterior wall.

EPS Contour Siding Backer is impact resistant, it gives the Sided Wall, a solid feel The combination of Contour Siding Backer and Siding, reduces the impact damage from hail, errant rocks, balls, or toys.

EPS Foam Insulation is environmentally friendly, it allows the exterior wall to breathe, preventing mildew and rot. EPS Contour Siding Backer Is fully recyclable.

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