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Comparing EPS and XPS Insulation

To surround, protect and recycle!

100% recyclable EPS make it the ideal choice for manufacturers of virtually any product to use for their product packaging needs.

All Geofoam America’s packaging products are custom made to fit your specific needs. EPS can be molded into shapes that eliminate void areas in boxes and various containers, protecting the most fragile of objects against breakage during shipment. Geofoam America’s EPS is eco-friendly, durable and recyclable, offering increased insulation value and superior resistance to water penetration.

EPS foam is a modified expanded polystyrene that provides versatility and cost-effectiveness.GeoFoam America’s is a leading provider of products for nearly any packing application. EPS foam is produced using state of the art equipment and the highest quality raw materials. Packaging made from EPS foam can come in nearly any shape or design you need, as EPS foam can be cut into shapes, routed for cavities, and laminated. Foam Products Corporation can manufacture the cost-effective EPS foam packaging to suit your needs. If you would like to learn more about our high quality and low-cost EPS foam packing solutions. Contact Us 1-800-379-5060

At Geofoam America, we are proud to offer our clients EPS foam packaging products as a low-cost alternative in designed packing materials. We offer a full design, manufacturing, and assembly of our custom fabricated EPS packaging systems. We assure you are getting the highest quality FPS foam products through stringent quality control. Let us manufacture the EPS foam products for your project, in the densities of 1# Density, 1.5# Density, 2# Density, and 2.5# Density.

Geofoam America specializes in expanded polystyrene (EPS), which is used in multiple packaging applications. EPS is an economical material that produces multiple benefits in packaging applications. Geofoam America molds and fabricates EPS for filler material and protective cushioning for your products. We offer many different forms of EPS. We can cut and mold EPS into an infinite number of sizes & shapes.

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