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Comparing EPS and XPS Insulation

Geofoam for Green Roofs

Green Building & Energy Efficiency

Geofoam is helping to make the world a greener place.

EPS is an ideal choice for green building designs, offering tangible environmental advantages with energy efficiency, recycled content, mold resistance and indoor environmental quality.

EPS can help meet other green building goals via localized manufacturing, which reduces the impacts of transportation and through its use in innovative applications that improve the overall environmental performance of the building envelope. During installation, some EPS applications have shown to consistently reduce jobsite waste and labor costs. And, once installed, the environmental benefits continue with superior insulating properties that result in measurable savings.

Beyond the environmental benefits of the installed product, the energy requirements to make polystyrene can be more favorable than some alternative materials. In one study, when compared to fiberglass insulation, the energy required to produce polystyrene foam insulation is 24 percent less than what is needed to make the amount of fiberglass needed to achieve an equivalent R-value at a representative volume.

The Structure of a Green Roof

  • Vegetation
  • Growing Medium
  • Drainage, Aeration, Water Storage & Root Barrier
  • Insulation – GFA Geofoam
  • Waterproof Barrier
  • Roof/Structural Support

Big Benefits of a Green Roof Made with Geofoam

  1. Reduces Heating and Cooling costs.
  2. Creates valuable amenity space.
  3. Stormwater Management.
  4. Adds aesthetic Value .
  5. Noise Reduction.
  6. Reduces urban heat-island effect.
  7. Improves Air Quality.
  8. Noise Reduction.
  9. Reduces Heating and Cooling costs.
  10. Helps off set Global Warming.

Geofoam can create Environmentally-friendly buildings

Environmentally-friendly building is en vogue these days as most business owners, homeowners and government agencies look for creative ways to conserve energy and enhance sustainability as we transition to an uncertain future in which the fate of the planet hangs in the balance. Geofoam is playing an increasingly
important role in the push to save the environment, serving as a green roofing material.

Cutting Energy Costs

Green roofs made with geofoam maximize the use of this often-neglected portion of buildings, cutting energy costs, providing natural insulation and extended roof lifespan that much longer. Whether you are planning on building a new home, business or other structure or would like to convert your current roof into a green roof, our geofoam will help you make a meaningful contribution to preserving our increasingly sensitive planet. Our geofoam-based green roofs can even adjoin with plaza decks for an even more enjoyable, sustainable and visually-pleasing rooftop.

Geofoam is the Most cost effective insulation for Green roofs. Made in sheets & panels. Using our Tappered roofing panels for slop and drainage Geofoam hits the mark.

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