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Comparing EPS and XPS Insulation

Geo-Foam Blocks

Do you have a construction or landscaping project that needs fill?

Save hundreds to thousands on time & material! Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) Geo-foam! EPS Geo-foam is considered a permanent material when correctly specified and installed. EPS geo-foam is available in a range of compressive resistance.

EPS Geo-foam is a lightweight fill material used in construction where conditions will not allow for conventional soil, sand or stone fill materials. It is often used when existing soil conditions are soft or loose and not capable of supporting required loads. It is approximately 100 times lighter than conventional fill and 20 times lighter than other lightweight fill alternatives! Blocks can often be carried and set in place by laborers or easily handled with mechanized equipment.

This is an important consideration when the construction site is congested or does not have the clearances required for traditional placement or compaction equipment. EPS geo-foam can be field cut using a hot-wire cutter, hand saw or chainsaw. The EPS geo-foam can be trimmed on site to accommodate the shapes of existing underground utilities and services.

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