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Comparing EPS and XPS Insulation

Phoenix, Arizona

Phoenix, Arizona

Geofoam is available in Phoenix, Arizona!

Geofoam is available in Phoenix, Arizona!

Foam billets, blocks, panels and insulation available in Phoenix, Arizona!

Our Foam blocks are created with Geofoam. Geofoam is a high-performance, lightweight, geosynthetic fill material consisting of closed cell expanded polystyrene (EPS). Geofoam is manufactured from to high-quality standards and meets or exceeds the requirements of ASTM D6817, Standard Specification for Rigid Cellular Polystyrene Geofoam.

Geofoam is manufactured in a common density range between .70 to 2.85 lb/ft3 (11.2 – 45.7 kg/m3) and is an ideal, lightweight fill alternative for many construction applications.

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