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Kingman, Arizona

Kingman, Arizona

Geofoam available in Kingman, Arizona and throughout America

Geofoam available in Kingman, Arizona and throughout America

Foam blocks, foam billets, foam sheets, and panels. supplier in Kingman, Arizona

Geofoam blocks or boards are large but easy to handle. Construction with geofoam is rapid. For large volume applications, manufacturers may need adequate lead time to produce a sufficient quantity for a job. Geofoam shipments are usually installed on delivery without requiring on-site stockpiling or storage. Individual geofoam blocks or boards can be lifted by construction equipment and placed manually by a work crew.

Smaller shapes and sizes required at the job site can be cut by either a chainsaw or, more conveniently, by a hot wire. The placement of geofoam blocks should be staggered to interlock and joints between block layers should not be made continuous. In handling and placement, care should be exercised to limit damage to geofoam blocks. Equipment that imposes high contact stresses should not be operated directly on the geofoam surface or over a thin lift above the geofoam.

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